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What is Group Buy?

Save 25 - 50% more

Fishpond combines purchases from our customers from all over the world to bring you even better prices on a range of best selling items - with Group Buy you'll usually save an extra 25% - 50%.

Really easy to do - just checkout as normal

You purchase a Group Buy item in the same way as a normal product, and once the required number of purchases have been made, we will send you an email to confirm the delivery date of your product.

Fishpond combines purchases from customers all over the world

Group Buys can be completed by anyone - family, friends (RW or FB), twitter followers, or other Fishpond customers from Sydney, Hong Kong, LA, Christchurch, London, or anywhere else in the world.

You don't get charged until the purchase is confirmed

We don't charge you until the purchase is confirmed, so if the purchase doesn't go ahead, you don't get charged - there's no risk for you.

Cancel at anytime

You can cancel your Group Buy at anytime with no fee. Unfortunately we are unable to offer all of our Group Buy products as single items for purchase, but where we can we will.

Share with your friends

So if you see an awesome product at a low price, share it with your friends and everyone gets a great deal!

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