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Can you tell me about products from second level suppliers?

It's great news - we work really hard to source products from suppliers that are not Fishpond top tier favoured suppliers. There is no risk to you with these products - you will get a full refund if the product doesn't arrive. Sometimes we have trouble sourcing products from our favoured suppliers. But we work really hard to find an alternate source through second level suppliers that sell on Fishpond but might be new or have a poor history of filling orders on time. They are only shown when Fishpond has no other suppliers from normal channels and are there to give you a no risk option to buy hard to find items. Often these suppliers have shipped thousands of items, but there is a higher chance the item might not arrive or may be late.

A full refund will be made if the order is not able to be filled and you can cancel at any time before shipment is made.

Unreliable suppliers are monitored regularly and if they are later found to be performing better the label and warnings will be removed.

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