COVID-19 Response at Fishpond

Read what we're doing...

COVID-19 response at is continuing to operate by delivering essential products to New Zealanders during alert Level 4. We've updated our listings so you can now also place orders for non-essential items for delivery during alert Level 3.

All deliveries will continue to be contactless in accordance NZ Post guidelines.

Please refer to the NZ Government Unite against COVID-19 site for the latest updates.

Keeping our team safe

Our fulfilment centre teams have implemented stringent safety measures. Plus, we have split our shifts to further minimise contact, are taking separate breaks (potentially in different rooms!), 3 hourly surface-cleaning protocols, personal protective equipment and more. The rest of the team (non-fulfillment centre) are working from home to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.

Delivery delays

Deliveries are likely to take longer than normal. We are updating estimated arrival times every day so what you see on checkout is the most up to date.

COVID-19 transmission via the mail

There are conflicting reports about whether sanitising mail deliveries during the COVID-19 crisis is necessary, but the chances of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is really low. Rest assured that we are taking every precaution to ensure our team and our logistic partners are safe. But if you are concerned your deliveries may transmit the the virus, an easy preventive measure is:

  • Wipe down / spray the package with disinfectant (inside and out)
  • Dispose of the delivery box / wrapper immediately
  • Wash your hands

Or if you have access to a garage, leave your parcel somewhere safe outside for a few days. Then follow the steps above.