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"Fishpond is great! I recommend it to my friends and family"

"Purchasing through Fishpond has always been an enjoyable experience. They have given me total satisfaction - hghly recommended. May they last forever!!"

"Coming from a small town it is hards to find the books I want."

"Great idea for the busy person."

"I have been able to find all the books l have wanted to buy but dont have to go offshore fantastic!!!"

"A greta site with an exelent selection. Also very helpfull."

"I found this site easy to use. The location and purchase of the products that I wanted took only minutes (versus the earlier hours walking the pavement!!!)."

"just a new kid on the block'as to say no problems and yet to see more like browsing etc. will get there thanks Harry."

"Thoroughly reliable"

"Have used Fishpond before and service was excellent. Fishpond has items not found easily elsewhere"

"Am happy to purchase books online providing they are not above the prices of local shops. However I never put my card details on line so the option to pay by another method is excellent - otherwise I would have cancelled."

"I have been a customer with fishpond since their beginnings and have ordered many times."

"I have always received a speedy response from their team in regards to any queries or concerns. They have always been excellent in customer service."

"The time taken to receive books is accurate and the service provided in sending the books is faultless."

"I have recommended this company to several of my colleagues and patients who have become frustrated with local booksellers in seeking books they desire. Congratulations to fishpond and it's team for making this business flourish."
Dr. Deborah Hilterman, New Zealand