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Our Mission

Fishpond is an Australian and New Zealand online store selling books, music, and movies. Our mission is:

To build the best place for Australians & New Zealanders to buy online.

We will do this by building a high quality store that is convenient, easy-to-use, has a huge selection and excellent service.

Australians and New Zealanders are missing out on the convenience, selection and prices of online shops found overseas. The big international players have ignored this part of the world because the market is too small. Local traditional retailers don't want to risk a large investment online. We have taken up the challenge and will work hard to bring the people of Australasia a quality and convenient online shopping experience down under.

The warehouse was chosen in order to be closer to the Airport as many books come from overseas and this reduces shipping times. Their warehouse is also near major postal centres to enable faster delivery. There is currently a team of about 100 Fishponders. is a Hitwise Award is a Hitwise Award Winner