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Why was I paid a different amount than I expected for selling my SmartSell item?

How does the Market pricing work?

Market pricing is where Fishpond sets the selling price based around what a customer can buy the item new for at that time.

This means that we look at the price of the new product and then set the price of the second hand product at less than that depending on its condition. For example a product in "as new" condition would be a lot less. We also then drop the price each week until someone buys the product.

If you find the payment is less than you expected, please check the Payment History for a full breakdown of payments and costs. Keep in mind that a shipping and handling fee are deducted from the selling prices that the buyer paid for the item.

The minimum commission for any item is $0.99, which is split between Fishpond (25%) and the seller (75%) - resulting in a minimum payment of $0.74.

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