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How does Fishpond SmartSell work?

SmartSell is similar to Fishpond’s Sell Yours service, but is upgraded to make it even easier to turn your unwanted stuff into cash. It is really easy - and smart!

What kinds of things can I sell?

You can use Smartsell to sell any product with a barcode, excluding clothing, perfume, aerosols or flammables, electronics and food products. Stuff like VHS tapes, being old technology is unlikely to sell. Any items sent to us without a barcode will incur a listing fee of $0.79 per item.

As some older books don't have barcodes, please consider carefully before sending those to us. The barcode will generally be on the back cover or inside the front cover of the book.

Please note: items determined to be in too poor of a condition to sell will be returned at the sender's expense.

How do I get my stuff picked up?

It's easy and just takes one click to book a pickup.

Or call Courier Post on 0800 268 7437 and book a pick up (you will need to quote account number 91822700 and the authority code "SmartSell"). Make sure your items fit tightly into the boxes to reduce the possibility of damage and each box does not exceed 20kg.

The pickup costs $9.95 per box, which is paid for out of your first sales, so it costs you nothing up front. We accept a maximum of two boxes per shipment, per account.

Fair use policy.

Fishpond operates a fair use policy reserving the right to limit the amount of listings.

Do I need to do anything else?

Just include a piece of paper in each box with your name, email address and the address that the items were picked up from.

That’s it - you can relax and wait for the sales to start.

What happens when you have all my stuff?

Within 5 to 10 business days, all your items will be listed, and you can log into your account and see them on your current listings page. We will set the initial pricing based on the condition of your item and Fishpond’s current selling price and then adjust the price as necessary to find the best market price so your stuff will sell and you make some money.

How do I know when my stuff sells?

You will receive an email notifcation when an item is sold, and we will ship the item to the seller and process your payment within two days.

Show me the money!

OK, we will. You can choose whether you want to get paid into your bank account or as Fishpond credit (if you do not have bank account details - we will pay you in Fishpond credit).

You can see your sales and payment history on your SmartSell sales report.

And how much does this all cost - heaps I bet....

Not at all - Fishpond takes a 17% commission on the selling price of the product listed prior to the 28th August 2017, thereafter a 25% commission on the selling price of the product will apply, plus the handling fee of $3.95 - the rest is all yours!

For items selling to an Australian buyer, handling is calculated based on the weight of the product being sent. For New Zealand buyers, handling is $3.95 per order*

These handling charges are paid to Fishpond. For SmartSell items, Fishpond takes care of fulfillment of the order.

*For heavy weight items over 5 kgs to New Zealand buyers, handling is calculated based on the weight of the product being sent.

What if I change my mind? Can you send my stuff back to me?

Sure, just send us an email with your seller ID and a list of items you'd like back and we'll arrange for these to be returned to you. There will be a delivery charge of $9.95 per box.

What if I already have some items listed on Sell Yours?

That is fine - just send us the items you want to use for SmartSell and we will list them for you. You will need to ship items you have listed as Sell Yours, but we will ship the rest.

Why use SmartSell instead of Sell Yours?

  • It is so easy - we list and ship your items for you.
  • Get paid faster - we pay you within 2 business days of the item shipping.
  • You have several times more potential buyers. We list all of your products on our websites around the world, so you could be selling your stuff in Australia, America, the UK - or even Brazil or Vietnam.

    I'm a business and I want to use SmartSell - what can Fishpond do for me?

    Sure, we have some great options for businesses who want to use SmartSell. Contact us to find out more about marketing opportunities, courier and packaging options and commission rates.

    Can't find the answer to your question?

    Send us an email and we'll respond within 24 hours.

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