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From Boppin Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly

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Album: From Boppin Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly
# Song Title   Time
1)    Kiss Me Like Crazy - Rose Maddox
2)    Whoa Boy - Luke McDaniel
3)    Hot Guitar, The - Smilin' Hill Eddie & His Boys
4)    Wild Cat Boogie - Doug Poindexter & the Starlite Wranglers
5)    Strut My Stuff - Donnie Bowshier & The Junior Melody Boys/Carl Perkins
6)    Run 'Em Off - Onie Wheeler
7)    Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor - Jess Willard
8)    Hound Dog - Earl Songer & His Rocky Road Ramblers
9)    Hesitation Boogie - Hardrock Gunter
10)    Rock Me - Lucky Joe Almond
11)    I'm a Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) - James "Jimmy" Atkins
12)    Beatin' out the Boogie on the Mississippi Mud - Lee Bell
13)    Looking at the Moon Wishing on a Star - Eddy Arnold
14)    Who Put the Turtle in Myrtle's Girdle - Billy Starr
15)    Is Zat You Myrtle - The Carlisles
16)    Rock Me - Little Jimmy Dickens
17)    Uh-Huh-Honey - Autry Inman
18)    Dog-Gone It Baby I'm in Love - Scotty & Bill
19)    I Heard About You - Charline Arthur
20)    Wild Man Boogie - Ray Batts
21)    Bawlin' Baby - Billy "Hillbilly" Barton/Johnny Horton
22)    Whoopie Baby - Carl Smith
23)    Pull Down the Blinds - Lattie Moore
24)    You're Not the First Girl - Lonnie Barron
25)    Music Makin' Mama From Memphis - R.D. Henden
26)    Get Your Kicks (From the Country Hicks) - Johnny Hicks & His Troubadours
27)    Cat Music - Forest Rye
28)    You All Come - Arlie Duff
29)    I Want Some Lovin' Baby - Jimmy & Duane
30)    Hepcat Baby - Eddy Arnold
1)    I'm Building a ?? (On the Moon) - Weldon Rogers
2)    Busy Body Boogie - The Carlisles
3)    Hey Where Ya Goin' - Lloyd & The Drifting Hillbillies McCullough
4)    Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So) - Roy Hall
5)    I'm Playin' It Cool - Neal Jones
6)    Watch That Girl - The Maddox Brothers & Rose
7)    When Hillbilly Willie Met Kitty From the City - Tani Allen & His Tennessee Pals
8)    They Raided the Joint - Frankie Miller
9)    Ding Dong Mama From Tennessee - Chuck Murphy
10)    Hillbilly Fever - Little Jimmy Dickens
11)    Hillbilly Jive With a Boogie Beat - Scotty & Bill
12)    Movie Magg - Jim Murphy
13)    Rockin' and Rollin' - Slim Redman
14)    Long Gone Daddy - Rudy Gaddis
15)    Sag Drag & Fall - Sid King & the Five Strings
16)    Pretty Mama - Marty Robbins
17)    Mean Mama Blues - Marty Robbins
18)    There's No Right Way to Do Me Wrong - Miller Sisters
19)    Here Kitty Kitty - Jim Murphy
20)    Sweet Singing Daddy - Jimmy & Johnny
21)    Please Big Mama - Rudy Gray
22)    Diggin' and Datin' - Gene Henslee
23)    My Kind of Carryin' On - Carl Perkins
24)    Gone Gone Gone - Jimmy Myers & His Happy Highway Gang
25)    Rockin' Baby - Gene Henslee
26)    Hey Porter - Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two
27)    Mean Mean Mama - Charlie Brown
28)    Rock-A-Bye Baby - Skeeter Bonn
29)    Flip Flop and Fly - Tibby Edwards
30)    Hold Me Baby - Sonny Fisher
1)    Cattin' Around - Charlie Adams
2)    It Ain't My Baby (And I Ain't Gonna Rock It) - Rudy Grayzell
3)    Play My Boogie - Bill Mack
4)    Meadowlark Boogie - Buck Griffin
5)    Seein' Double Feelin' Single - Merle Kilgore
6)    Rockin' and a Knockin' - Gayle Griffith & L.M.C. Trio
7)    Rhythm Hall - Chuck Murphy
8)    I Gotta Go Get My Baby - Marvin Rainwater
9)    Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee - Western Melody Makers
10)    Just Rollin' Along - Malcolm Yelvington & the Star Rhythm Boys
11)    That's All Right - Marty Robbins
12)    Milkcow Blues Boogie - Elvis Presley/Tommy Scott
13)    You're a Heartbreaker - Tommy Scott & His Ramblers/Elvis Presley
14)    Go Boy Go - Reece Shipley & His Rainbow Valley Boys
15)    Whoa Boy - Red Smith
16)    Sure Fire Kisses - Goldie Hill/Justin Tubb
17)    Have You Heard the Gossip - Charlie Brown
18)    I'm Left You're Right She's Gone - Elvis Presley/Scotty & Bill
19)    Baby Let's Play House - Elvis Presley/Scotty & Bill
20)    Baby He's a Wolf - Werly Fairburn & Delta Boys
21)    Good Deal Lucille - Werly Fairburn & Delta Boys
22)    I Like It - Five Strings
23)    Drinkin' Wine Spoli Oli - Five Strings
24)    Don't Fix Up the Doghouse - George W. McCormick
25)    One Day After Pay Day - Buck Griffin
26)    Put Something in the Pot Boy - Five Strings
27)    Now Is the Time for Love - Louisiana Hay Ride Stars/Wayne Walker
28)    If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') - Faron Young
29)    Let the Jukebox Keep on Playin' - Carl Perkins
1)    Much Too Young for Love - Daydreamers/Barney Burcham
2)    Double Duty Lovin' - Eddie Bond
3)    That's What I Like - Terry Fell
4)    You're a Humdinger - The Farmer Boys
5)    Rocking Daddy - Sonny Fisher
6)    Mystery Train - Elvis Presley/Scotty & Bill
7)    All Messed Up - Jess Hooper & The Daydreamers
8)    Sleep Time Blues - Jess Hooper & The Daydreamers
9)    I Forgot to Remember to Forget - Elvis Presley/Scotty & Bill
10)    Love Me - Jimmy Lee/Wayne Walker
11)    Can't Steal My Way Around - Daydreamers/Barney Burcham
12)    Maybelline - Marty Robbins
13)    I'm Gonna Roll & Rock - Cousin Ritchie/Eddie Zack
14)    Purr Kitty Purr - Sid King & the Five Strings
15)    Yakety Yak - Esquire Trio/Mac & Jake
16)    Gal Named Joe, A - Mac Sales
17)    I Gotta Go Get My Baby - Bill Mack
18)    Hey Mama - Sonny Fisher
19)    Uranium Fever - Rudy Gaddis
20)    Ice Water - Glenn Barber
21)    Ocean Paradise - Rudy Grayzell
22)    I Guess I'm Crazy (For Loving You) - Werly Fairburn
23)    It Pays to Advertise - The Farmer Boys
24)    Rockin' and a Rollin' - Sonny Fisher
25)    Them Squeaky Shoes - Carl Smith
26)    Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Roy Hall
27)    Hearts Made of Stone - Rudy Gray
28)    I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine - Elvis Presley/Scotty & Bill
29)    We're Gonna Bop - Alvadean Coker & Cokers
Product Details
Performer Notes
  • Personnel: Reece Shipley, Frankie Miller, Rudy Gray, Doug Poindexter, Carl "The Truth" Smith, Eddie Hill, Eddy Arnold, Elvis Presley, George W. McCormick, Lucky Joe Almond, Hardrock Gunter, Skeeter Bonn, Frank C. Starr, Sidney Erwin, Jimmy Lee Fautheree, Johnny Cash, Lattie Moore, Little Jimmy Dickens, Malcolm Yelvington, Marty Robbins, Marvin Rainwater, Merle Kilgore, Rose Maddox, Rudy Grayzell, Sonny Fisher, Autry Inman, Weldon Rogers, Werly Fairburn, Bill Carlisle, Buck Griffin, Charlie Adams (vocals, guitar); Onie Wheeler (vocals, harmonica); Chuck Murphy, Roy Hall (vocals, piano); David Dean White (vocals, drums, background vocals); Gene Henslee, Luke McDaniel , Bobby Adamson, Duane Eddy, Kenny Hill , Rudy Gaddis, Eddie Bond, Eddie Noack, Cindy Parks, Billy "Hillbilly" Barton, Barney Burcham, Donnie Bowshier, Faron Young, Eddie Zack, Mildred Wages, James "Jimmy" Atkins , Gayle Griffith, Glenn Barber, Goldie Hill, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Neal Jones , Lynn Fautheree, Jessie Hooper, Betty Amos, Elsie Joe Miller, Woody Murray, Jack Ryles, Jimmy Dell, Johnny Horton, Justin Tubb, Lou Graham, Ray Batts, Red Smith, Arlie Duff, Terry Fell, Wayne Walker, Bill Mack, Tibby Edwards, Charlie Brown Jr., Charline Arthur (vocals); Chet Atkins, Grady Martin (guitar, electric guitar); Sonny James (guitar, fiddle); Billy Joe Walker, Jr., Bobby Williamson, Jack Shook, Paul Hopkins, Roy Miller, Bill Erwin, Doug Cox, Eddie Kirk, George Mashburn, Jimmy Rollins, Bonnie McCullough, Jimmy Stockman, Albert Giddings, Tommy Bruce, Jimmy Smith , Hank Garland, Alden J. Nelson, Roy Wiggins, Sam Pruett, Bob McNett, Clyde Rush, Jimmy Murphy, Joey Long, Ray Edenton, Reggie Young , Scotty Moore, Blackie Crawford, Luther Perkins, Charlie Harris (guitar); Bill Woods (acoustic guitar, mandolin); Henry Maddox (electric guitar, mandolin); Aubrey Leon Richardson, Jabbo Arrington, Leon Rhodes, Roy Nichols (electric guitar); Thumbs Carllile (steel guitar, piano); Tani Allen, Don Helms, Coy Crank, Alfie Joe "Jody" McCauley, Cowboy Bill Martin, Johnny Sibert, Robert Foster, Walter Wilson, Miles Bubba Winn, Larry Helm, Jimmy Kelly, Harold Cavallero, Kenneth Herman, Sonny Burnette, George McCoy, Ralph "Lefty" Nason, Mickey Woodward, Millard Yeow, James Farmer, Jerry Byrd, Jimmy Day, Speedy West, Stan Kesler, Billy Williamson, Bob Foster, Bobby Black (steel guitar); Paul Buskirk (mandolin, fiddle); Dale Potter, Douglas Johnson, Bob Heppler, Tommy Chance, Charlie Linville, Marvin Monoban, Red Taylor, Donald Slayman, Gilbert Mickle, Don Maddox, Harold Hensley, Tommy Vaden, Jelly Sanders, Buddy Brady, Tommy Seals, Bill Cantrell, Jerry Rivers, Sid King, Tommy Jackson, Bill Massey, Cecil Brower (fiddle); Billy Mayo (clarinet); Bob Kornegay (trumpet); Elaine Nix, "Papa" John Gordy, Floyd Cramer, Franky Tolle, Johnny Grande, Harold Carmack, Vic Davis, Johnny Pace, Lavern Fleming, Price Self, Bernie Harkness, Betty Lorene Riley, Terry Carraway, Marvin Hughes, Owen Bradley, Bill Simmons , Gordon Stoker (piano); W.S. Holland, Douglas Kirkham, Darrell Newsome, Jimmy Lott, Chuck Carrell, Johnny Barrentine, Kermit Baca, Robert Allen Parker, Earnest Thompson, Fred Cantu, Larry Walmer, William F. Pecchi, Muddy Berry, Johnny Cuviello, Johnny Bernero, Farris Coursey, Buddy Harman (drums); Frank Kilgo (kettle drum).
  • Recording information: 1794 Chelsea Avenue, Memphis, TN (1950-1955); 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN (1950-1955); ACA Studio, Houston, TX (1950-1955); Ben Adelman's Studio, Washington DC (1950-1955); Birmingham, AL (1950-1955); Bradley's Film & Recording Studio, Nashville, TN (1950-1955); Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA (1950-1955); Capitol Studio, Hollywood, CA (1950-1955); Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN (1950-1955); Cincinnati, OH (1950-1955); Cliff Herring Studio, Fort Worth, TX (1950-1955); Dallas, TX (1950-1955); Floyd Tillman Studio, Houston, TX (1950-1955); Goldstar Studio, Houston, TX (1950-1955); Jack Brown Studio, Detroit, MI (1950-1955); Jim Beck Studio, Dallas, TX (1950-1955); King Studio, Cincinnati, OH (1950-1955); Kingsport, TN (1950-1955); KWKH Studio, Shreveport, LA (1950-1955); Los Angeles, CA (1950-1955); Meteor Studio, Memphis, TN (1950-1955); Mi (1950-1955); Nashville, TN (1950-1955); New Orleans, LA (1950-1955); New York, NY (1950-1955); Owen Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN (1950-1955); Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN (1950-1955); Philadelphia, PA (1950-1955); Phoenix, AZ (1950-1955); Radio WFOR Studios, Hattiesburg, MS (1950-1955); RCA Studio 1, New York, NY (1950-1955); RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN (1950-1955); Starday Studio, Beaumont, TX (1950-1955); Sun Studio, Memphis, TN (1950-1955); TNT Studio, San Antonio, TX (1950-1955); Western Recorders, Hollywood, CA (1950-1955); WFAA Studio, Dallas, TX (1950-1955).
  • This delightful and valuable set collects 120 tracks of vintage amped-up honky tonk and country boogie, beginning with releases from 1951 and stretching through to Elvis Presley's Sun years and the rockabilly explosion of 1955, effectively sketching out how what Carl Perkins called "country music with a beat" evolved and shifted into the monster known as rock & roll. Most of these sides are quite rare and many have never been anthologized before, so this box is sure to delight collectors, but the four discs also have a natural flow to them that keeps things from being too academic and makes this release a natural for a long road trip. What's apparent after only a few tracks is how much the blues was a part of hillbilly country, as was jazz via western swing, and the melting pot formation of popular American musical styles is demonstrated clearly here, even though few of these records were hits. Highlights include Forest Rye's "Wild Cat Boogie," Chuck Murphy's barrel house piano romp "They Raided the Joint," Charlie Adams' loose and fun "Cattin' Around," Rudy Gaddis' truly odd "Uranium Fever," as well as more familiar sides like Elvis Presley's "Mystery Train" and Johnny Cash's "Hey Porter." A wonderful collection that shows once again that no new musical style comes out of nowhere. ~ Steve Leggett
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