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My OneNote 2016

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Prologue: What Is OneNote? 3 Introducing OneNote 4 What Can I Do with OneNote? 5 Exploring OneNote Features 7 Comparing OneNotes 8 Chapter 1: Getting Started with OneNote 13 Opening and Closing OneNote 14 Open OneNote in Windows 8.1 15 Open OneNote in Windows 10 16 Close OneNote 17 Navigating the OneNote Workspace 18 Use the Default Notebook 19 Minimize or Maximize the Window 20 Working with the Ribbon 21 Use the Ribbon 22 Pin the Ribbon 23 Working with Toolbars and Shortcut Menus 23 Use the Quick Access Toolbar 25 Use Mini Toolbars 26 Use Context Menus 27 Changing Screen Views 27 Zoom In or Out 28 Switch View Modes 29 Dock OneNote to the Desktop 30 Finding Help with OneNote Issues and Topics 31 Open Help 32 Chapter 2: Working with Notebooks 35 Exploring Notebooks 36 Creating New Notebooks 38 Create a New Notebook 40 Assign a Notebook Color 41 Opening and Closing Notebooks 42 Close Notebooks 42 Close Notebooks with the Shortcut Menu 43 Open a Notebook 44 Deleting Notebooks 45 Delete a Notebook from Your Computer 46 Delete a Notebook from OneDrive 47 Chapter 3: Working with Sections, Pages, and Subpages 51 Storing Notes with Sections, Pages, and Subpages 52 Working with Sections 54 Add a Section 54 Rename a Section 55 Assign a Tab Color 55 Move a Section 56 Delete a Section 57 Empty the Notebook Recycle Bin 58 Grouping Sections 59 Move a Section to a Group 60 Merge a Section 61 Assign a Password to a Section 62 Working with Pages and Subpages 64 Add a Page 65 Change the Page Name 65 Move a Page 66 Delete a Page 67 Copy a Page 68 Make a Subpage 68 Promote and Demote Subpages 69 Expand and Collapse Subpages 70 Using Page Templates 71 Add a Page Based on a Template 72 Create Your Own Template 74 Change the Page Color 75 Chapter 4: Taking Notes 77 Exploring Various Ways to Take Notes 78 Typing Notes 82 Type a Note 83 Apply Basic Formatting 84 Apply Bullets and Numbers 86 Change Text Alignment 87 Indent Text 88 Change the Font Color 89 Apply a Style 90 Remove All Formatting 91 Handwriting Notes 92 Add a Handwritten Note 93 Erase Your Writing 94 Select Handwritten Text 95 Convert a Handwritten Note into Text 96 Adding Pictures 97 Insert a Picture 98 Add a Picture from OneDrive 99 Add a Picture with Bing Search 100 Add a Picture from Facebook 101 Insert Screen Clippings 104 Arranging Notes 105 Move a Note 106 Resize a Note 107 Cut, Copy, and Paste a Note 108 Add Space Between Notes 109 Delete a Note 112 Chapter 5: Using Note Features 115 Inserting Date and Time Stamps 116 Add a Date and Time Stamp 116 Calculating with OneNote 118 Type a Mathematical Expression 119 Add a Symbol 120 Turn a Handwritten Equation into Math 121 Use Built-In Equations 122 Turning Files into Notes 123 Add a File as Notes 124 Embed a File 125 Clipping Web Content with OneNote Clipper 126 Add the OneNote Clipper Tool 127 Capture Content with OneNote Clipper 128 Adding Quick Notes 129 Add a Quick Note 131 Pin a Quick Note 132 Review Quick Notes 133 Turning Notes into Outlook Tasks 134 Turn a Note into an Outlook Task 135 Chapter 6: Taking Audio and Video Notes 139 Recording Audio and Video Notes 140 Record Audio 142 Record Video 144 Working with Audio and Video Clips 146 Use Playback Controls 147 Play Linked Notes 148 Rename a Clip 149 Delete a Clip 150 Open a Clip in Another App 151 Embed a Clip 152 Find Audio and Video Settings 154 Chapter 7: Drawing Notes 157 Drawing Freeform Notes 157 Draw a Freeform Note 159 Change the Pen Color and Thickness 161 Drawing Shapes and Lines 162 Draw a Shape 163 Draw a Line 164 Working with Drawings 165 Select Lines and Shapes with a Selection Box 165 Select Lines and Shapes with a Lasso 166 Select Individual Lines and Shapes 167 Use the Eraser Tool 167 Delete Drawings 169 Move Drawings 170 Resize Your Drawings 171 Rotate Drawings 172 Layer Lines and Shapes 173 Chapter 8: Working with Tables and Spreadsheets 177 Using Tables 177 Create a Table 179 Enter Data into a Table 179 Select Rows and Columns 180 Change Text Alignment 182 Sort Table Data 182 Insert a Row 183 Insert a Column 183 Delete Rows and Columns 184 Hide Table Borders 185 Add Cell Shading 185 Convert a Table to a Spreadsheet 186 Working with Excel Spreadsheets 187 Insert a New Spreadsheet 188 Insert an Existing Spreadsheet 189 Edit a Spreadsheet 191 Format a Spreadsheet 191 Create a Formula 192 Use Functions 194 Create a Chart 196 Chapter 9: Working with Links 199 Linking Within OneNote 200 Link to a Page or Section 201 Link to a Specific Paragraph 202 Linking to Files and Email Addresses 204 Link to a File on Your Computer 204 Link to an Email Address 205 Linking to Content on the Web 206 Manually Link to a Web Page 206 Link from Existing Text 207 Copy and Paste Linked Web Content 207 Managing Links 208 Edit a Link 208 Remove a Link 209 Delete a Link and Link Text 209 Taking Linked Notes 210 Use Linked Notes with Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint 210 Use Linked Notes with Internet Explorer 212 Chapter 10: Tagging and Searching Notes 219 Tagging Notes 220 Assign a Tag 223 Make a Checklist with the To Do Tag 224 Delete a Tag 226 Modify a Tag 226 Create a Custom Tag 228 Find Tags 230 Create a Summary Page 232 Searching Through Notes 233 Search Through All Notebooks 233 Narrow the Search Scope 235 Search through Audio and Video Clips 236 Chapter 11: Researching and Reviewing with OneNote 241 Using the Spell Checking Tools 242 Check Spelling 244 Turn Off Automatic Spell Checking 246 Add Your Own Typos to AutoCorrect 247 Using the Thesaurus 248 Look Up a Synonym 249 Using the Research Task Pane 250 Open the Research Task Pane 251 Change Search Services 253 Translating Text 254 Translate Selected Text 255 Use the Mini Translator 258 Chapter 12: Distributing and Sharing Notes 261 Printing Notes 261 Print Sections of a Notebook 262 Exporting Notes 263 Export to a Different File Format 264 Emailing Notes 265 Email a Page 265 Email a Notebook as an Attachment 266 Email a PDF File as an Attachment 267 Sharing Notebooks 268 Share a Notebook with Others 268 Share a Link to a Notebook 270 Access a Shared Notebook 272 View Changes by Other Users 273 View Most Recent Edits 274 View Edits by User 274 Work with Page Versions 275 Synchronize Notebooks 276 Change Sharing Options 277 Chapter 13: Customizing OneNote 281 Finding Customizing Options 281 Customize the Default Note Font 282 Customize Backups 283 Changing the Page Setup 284 Hide the Page Title 284 Display Rule Lines 286 Change the Paper Size 288 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 289 Add Your Favorite Command 289 Updating the OneNote Program 291 Update OneNote 291 Chapter 14: Taking OneNote Online 295 Using OneDrive with OneNote 295 Sign In to OneDrive with Your Browser 300 View OneDrive Folders and Files 301 Open a OneDrive Notebook in OneNote 2016 303 Relocate an Online Notebook from OneDrive to Your Computer 304 Manually Sync a Notebook 306 Share a OneDrive Notebook 307 Create a New OneDrive Folder 308 Move Files Between Folders 309 Sign Out of OneDrive 310 Using the OneDrive Desktop App 310 Open the OneDrive Desktop App 311 View Folders and Files in the OneDrive Desktop App 312 Open a OneDrive Notebook from the OneDrive Desktop App 313 Using the OneNote Online Web App 314 Sign In to the OneNote Online App 314 View the OneNote Online Window 315 Open a Notebook in the Desktop Program Window 317 Open a New Notebook 318 Index 321

About the Author

Sherry Kinkoph Gunter has written and edited oodles of books over the past 23 years covering a wide variety of computer topics, including Microsoft Office programs, social media, digital photography, and web applications. Her recent titles include Sams Teach Yourself Facebook, Absolute Beginner's Guide to Word 2013, and My Google Apps. Sherry began writing computer books back in 1992, and her flexible writing style has allowed her to author for a varied assortment of imprints and formats. Sherry's ongoing quest is to aid users of all levels in the mastering of ever-changing computer technologies, helping users make sense of it all and get the most out of their machines and online experiences. Sherry currently resides in a swamp in the wilds of east central Indiana with a lovable ogre and a menagerie of interesting creatures.

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