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My New Mac, Lion Edition

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Table of Contents

Praise for the My New(t) series;; Dedication; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Understanding Computer Terms; How This Book Is Organized; Basic Training; Chapter 1: Learning to Use the Mouse and Trackpad; 1.1 What You'll Be Using; 1.2 How to Point and Click the Mouse and Trackpad; 1.3 Dragging the Pointer; 1.4 Double-Clicking the Mouse and Trackpad; 1.5 Right-Clicking the Mouse; 1.6 Using the Scroll Ball; 1.7 Additional Ideas for Using the Mouse and Trackpad; Chapter 2: Controlling Your Mac with Your Fingers; 2.1 What You'll Be Using; 2.2 Using the Trackpad; 2.3 Customizing the Trackpad; 2.4 Using Finger Gestures with the Magic Mouse; 2.5 Additional Ideas for Using Finger Gestures; Chapter 3: Choosing Commands on the Menu Bar; 3.1 What You'll Be Using; 3.2 Understanding the Menu Bar; 3.3 Understanding Dialogs; 3.4 Understanding the Parts of the Menu Bar; 3.5 Using the Keyboard; 3.6 Additional Ideas for Using the Menu Bar; Chapter 4: Running Programs and Files from the Dock; 4.1 What You'll Be Using; 4.2 Understanding Program Icons; 4.3 Switching Programs and Windows from the Dock; 4.4 Quitting Programs from the Dock; 4.5 Accessing the Documents and Downloads Folders on the Dock; 4.6 Additional Ideas for Using the Dock; Chapter 5: Customizing the Dock; 5.1 What You'll Be Using; 5.2 Hiding (and Showing) the Dock; 5.3 Moving the Dock; 5.4 Making the Dock Easier to See; 5.5 Rearranging Icons on the Dock; 5.6 Showing (or Hiding) Indicator Lights on the Dock; 5.7 Adding and Removing Icons on the Dock; 5.8 Adding and Removing Files and Folders on the Dock; 5.9 Additional Ideas for Customizing the Dock; Chapter 6: Using Full-Screen Viewing; 6.1 What You'll Be Using; 6.2 Switching to Full-Screen Viewing; 6.3 Using Full-Screen Viewing in the Finder; 6.4 Additional Ideas for Using Full-Screen Viewing; Chapter 7: Organizing Screens with Mission Control; 7.1 What You'll Be Using; 7.2 Starting Mission Control; 7.3 Creating Additional Virtual Desktops (Spaces); 7.4 Removing a Virtual Desktop (Space); 7.5 Customizing the Mission Control Hotkey; 7.6 Additional Ideas for Using Mission Control; Chapter 8: Opening Apps with Launchpad; 8.1 What You'll Be Using; 8.2 Starting and Closing Launchpad; 8.3 Navigating the Launchpad Screen; 8.4 Rearranging Icons on Launchpad; 8.5 Organizing Icons into Launchpad Folders; 8.6 Creating a Launchpad Folder; 8.7 Removing a Program from a Launchpad Folder; 8.8 Additional Ideas for Using Launchpad; Wrangling Files and Folders; Chapter 9: Navigating Through Folders with the Finder; 9.1 What You'll Be Using; 9.2 Understanding Drives, Folders, and Files; 9.3 Understanding the Finder Window; 9.4 Viewing All Your Files; 9.5 Viewing a Folder Hierarchy; 9.6 Additional Ideas for Navigating the Folder Hierarchy; Chapter 10: Tricks for Managing Your Files and Folders; 10.1 What You'll Be Using; 10.2 Creating Files and Folders; 10.3 Sorting Files; 10.4 Peeking Inside a File; 10.5 Renaming a File or Folder; 10.6 Deleting a File or Folder; 10.7 Copying a File or Folder; 10.8 Moving a File or Folder; 10.9 Labeling Files and Folders by Color; 10.10 Searching Files and Folders by Color; 10.11 Additional Ideas for Managing Files and Folders; Chapter 11: Finding Files Fast with Spotlight and Smart Folders; 11.1 What You'll Be Using; 11.2 Finding Specific Files with Spotlight; 11.3 Using Smart Folders; 11.4 Additional Ideas for Finding Files; Chapter 12: Sharing Files Wirelessly; 12.1 What You'll Be Using; 12.2 Checking for Bluetooth Capability; 12.3 Turning On Bluetooth Sharing; 12.4 Sharing Files with Bluetooth; 12.5 Using AirDrop; 12.6 Additional Ideas for Transferring Files Wirelessly; Chapter 13: Storing Files on a CD or DVD; 13.1 What You'll Be Using; 13.2 Buying Discs; 13.3 Erasing a Read/Write (RW) Disc; 13.4 Choosing Files to Burn to a CD or DVD; 13.5 Additional Ideas for Burning CDs and DVDs; Chapter 14: Using Resume, Auto Save, and Versions; 14.1 What You'll Be Using; 14.2 Using Resume and Auto Save; 14.3 Using Versions; 14.4 Additional Ideas for Using Resume, Auto Save, and Versions; Chapter 15: Retrieving Files Back in Time; 15.1 What You'll Be Using; 15.2 Retrieving Files from the Trash; 15.3 Backing Up and Retrieving Files with Time Machine; 15.4 Additional Ideas for Backing Up Files; Making Life Easier; Chapter 16: Working Faster with Shortcut Commands; 16.1 What You'll Be Using; 16.2 Using Keyboard Shortcuts; 16.3 Using Buttons; 16.4 Using Shortcut Menus; 16.5 Additional Ideas for Using Shortcuts; Chapter 17: Controlling Your Macintosh with Hot Corners; 17.1 What You'll Be Using
;; 17.2 Defining a Hot Corner; 17.3 Using a Hot Corner; 17.4 Additional Ideas for Using Hot Corners; Chapter 18: Putting Information at Your Fingertips with Dashboard; 18.1 What You'll Be Using; 18.2 Starting Dashboard; 18.3 Changing the Appearance of Dashboard; 18.4 Adding and Removing Dashboard Widgets; 18.5 Finding More Widgets; 18.6 Erasing Widgets; 18.7 Additional Ideas for Using Dashboard; Chapter 19: Giving Your Macintosh Multiple Personalities with User Accounts; 19.1 What You'll Be Using; 19.2 Understanding User Accounts; 19.3 Creating User Accounts; 19.4 Logging In and Out of an Account; 19.5 Fast Switching Between Accounts; 19.6 Deleting an Account; 19.7 Additional Ideas for Using Accounts; Chapter 20: Slapping Parental Controls on Your Kids; 20.1 What You'll Be Using; 20.2 Creating a Managed with Parental Controls Account; 20.3 Setting Parental Controls; 20.4 Additional Ideas for Using Managed with Parental Controls Accounts; Chapter 21: Making Your Mac Easier to See, Hear, and Control; 21.1 What You'll Be Using; 21.2 Enlarging Text on the Screen; 21.3 Replacing Beeps with Screen Flashing; 21.4 Turning On Sticky Keys; 21.5 Using the Keyboard to Control the Mouse Pointer; 21.6 Additional Ideas for Using Universal Access Features; Chapter 22: Using the Mac App Store; 22.1 What You'll Be Using; 22.2 Accessing the Mac App Store; 22.3 Searching for a Program; 22.4 Downloading Programs; 22.5 Additional Ideas for Using the Mac App Store; Chapter 23: Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling Software; 23.1 What You'll Be Using; 23.2 Installing Software from a CD or DVD; 23.3 Installing Software over the Internet; 23.4 Updating Apple's Software; 23.5 Uninstalling Software; 23.6 Additional Ideas for Installing Software; Chapter 24: Saving Contact Information; 24.1 What You'll Be Using; 24.2 Storing Contacts; 24.3 Editing a Card; 24.4 Deleting a Card; 24.5 Searching for a Name (and Other Information); 24.6 Creating Groups; 24.7 Changing Your View; 24.8 Additional Ideas for Using Address Book; Chapter 25: Making Appointments in Your Calendar; 25.1 What You'll Be Using; 25.2 Changing Calendar Views; 25.3 Making an Appointment; 25.4 Modifying an Appointment; 25.5 Deleting an Appointment; 25.6 Creating Reminders; 25.7 Modifying a Reminder; 25.8 Deleting a Reminder; 25.9 Using Different Calendars; 25.10 Additional Ideas for Using iCal; Chapter 26: Typing Foreign Languages; 26.1 What You'll Be Using; 26.2 Typing Foreign Characters; 26.3 Clicking to Choose Foreign Characters; 26.4 Typing on a Foreign Language Keyboard Layout; 26.5 Typing in Foreign (Non-Roman) Characters; 26.6 Writing Chinese Characters by Hand; 26.7 Additional Ideas for Typing Foreign Characters; Playing Music and Movies; Chapter 27: Playing Audio CDs and Audio Files with iTunes; 27.1 What You'll Be Using; 27.2 Playing Audio CDs; 27.3 Adding Digital Audio Files to iTunes; 27.4 Deleting Digital Audio Files in iTunes; 27.5 Controlling Your Music; 27.6 Using Playlists; 27.7 Using the Genius Feature; 27.8 Tagging Your Songs; 27.9 Additional Ideas for Playing Music on Your Macintosh; Chapter 28: Ripping and Burning Audio CDs; 28.1 What You'll Be Using; 28.2 Ripping Songs off an Audio CD; 28.3 Burning a Custom Audio CD; 28.4 Additional Ideas for Ripping and Burning CDs; Chapter 29: Playing a DVD; 29.1 What You'll Be Using; 29.2 Switching Between Full Screen and Window Mode; 29.3 Viewing DVD Movie Chapters; 29.4 Using Bookmarks; 29.5 Additional Ideas for Playing a DVD; Chapter 30: Listening to News, Music, and Talk Shows Online; 30.1 What You'll Be Using; 30.2 Finding and Listening to an Internet Radio Station; 30.3 Finding Podcasts; 30.4 Additional Ideas for Listening to Radio Stations and Podcasts; Chapter 31: Listening to Free College Lectures; 31.1 What You'll Be Using; 31.2 Listening to a College Lecture from iTunes U; 31.3 Additional Ideas for Listening to Lectures; Chapter 32: Editing Video with iMovie; 32.1 What You'll Be Using; 32.2 Transferring Video to Your Macintosh; 32.3 Understanding iMovie's Interface; 32.4 Previewing Your Project; 32.5 Deleting Selections from Your Project; 32.6 Additional Ideas for Using iMovie; The Digital Shutterbug; Chapter 33: Transferring Pictures to Your Macintosh; 33.1 What You'll Be Using; 33.2 Transferring Photos from a Digital Camera; 33.3 Transferring Images from a Scanner; 33.4 Copying Images from a Web Page; 33.5 Capturing Screen Images; 33.6 Additional Ideas for Transferring and Storing Images; Chapter 34: Organizing Digital Photos in iPhoto; 34.1 What You'll Be Using; 34.2 How iPhoto Works; 34.3 Working with Events; 34.4 Viewing All Your Photos; 34.5 Working with Faces; 34.6 Viewing Photos with Places; 34.7 Editing Photo Locations; 34.8 Deleting Photos from iPhoto; 34.9 Additional Ideas for Organizing Digital Photos in iPhoto; Chapter 35: Tagging and Sorting Digital Photos in iPhoto; 35.1 What You'll Be Using; 35.2 Tagging Photos; 35.3 Sorting Photos; 35.4 Additional Ideas for Sorting Digital Photos in iPhoto; Chapter 36: Editing Digital Photos in iPhoto; 36.1 What You'll Be Using; 36.2 Rotating and Straightening Photos; 36.3 Cropping a Photo; 36.4 Touching Up a Photo; 36.5 Creating Unusual Visual Effects; 36.6 Adjust a Photo Manually; 36.7 Additional Ideas for Editing Digital Photos in iPhoto; Chapter 37: Showing Off Your Pictures; 37.1 What You'll Be Using; 37.2 Displaying Your Pictures on the Desktop; 37.3 Using Your Pictures as a Screensaver; 37.4 Creating a Special Picture Folder; 37.5 Additional Ideas for Displaying Pictures; Chapter 38: Taking Pictures of Yourself with Photo Booth; 38.1 What You'll Be Using; 38.2 Capturing Pictures with Photo Booth; 38.3 Viewing Photo Booth Pictures; 38.4 Saving Photo Booth Pictures; 38.5 Deleting Photo Booth Pictures; 38.6 Additional Ideas for Using Photo Booth; Surfing and Sharing on the Internet; Chapter 39: Getting on the Internet and Sharing Folders; 39.1 What You'll Be Using; 39.2 Connecting to the Internet; 39.3 Sharing Folders over a Network; 39.4 Additional Ideas for Connecting to the Internet; Chapter 40: Remembering Your Favorite Websites; 40.1 What You'll Be Using; 40.2 Viewing Previously Visited Websites; 40.3 Creating a List of Top Sites; 40.4 Using Bookmarks; 40.5 Organizing Bookmarks in Folders; 40.6 Additional Ideas for Using Bookmarks and the History Menu; Chapter 41: Saving a Web Page; 41.1 What You'll Be Using; 41.2 Using a Reading List; 41.3 Saving a Web Page as a File; 41.4 Emailing a Web Page; 41.5 Additional Ideas for Saving Web Pages; Chapter 42: Keeping Your Internet Activities Private; 42.1 What You'll Be Using; 42.2 Identifying Safe Websites; 42.3 Clearing Your Internet Tracks; 42.4 Avoiding Fraudulent Websites and Phishing Scams; 42.5 Hiding Your Browsing from Others; 42.6 Cleaning Out Cookies; 42.7 Additional Ideas for Browsing in Private; Chapter 43: Customizing Safari; 43.1 What You'll Be Using; 43.2 Customizing Safari's Search Engine, Home Page, and Downloads; 43.3 Customizing the Appearance of a Web Page; 43.4 Using Windows and Tabs; 43.5 Additional Ideas for Customizing Safari; Chapter 44: Setting Up an Email Account; 44.1 What You'll Be Using; 44.2 Getting Your Email Account Information; 44.3 Configuring Mail Automatically; 44.4 Configuring Mail Manually; 44.5 Additional Ideas for Creating Accounts in Mail; Chapter 45: Reading and Writing Email; 45.1 What You'll Be Using; 45.2 Retrieving Email Messages; 45.3 Reading Email Messages; 45.4 Deleting a Message; 45.5 Saving Email Addresses; 45.6 Writing a Message; 45.7 Additional Ideas for Reading and Writing Messages; Chapter 46: Making Email Look Pretty; 46.1 What You'll Be Using; 46.2 Using Stationery; 46.3 Using Signatures; 46.4 Additional Ideas for Making Email Look Pretty; Chapter 47: Organizing Your Email; 47.1 What You'll Be Using; 47.2 Sorting Messages; 47.3 Searching for Messages; 47.4 Using Smart Mailboxes; 47.5 Using Rules to Sort Messages; 47.6 Additional Ideas for Organizing Email; Chapter 48: Dealing with Junk Email; 48.1 What You'll Be Using; 48.2 Using Junk Mail Filtering; 48.3 Additional Ideas for Dealing with Junk Email; Chapter 49: Video Chatting with FaceTime; 49.1 What You'll Be Using; 49.2 Setting Up a FaceTime Account; 49.3 Accepting a FaceTime Call; 49.4 Temporarily Turning FaceTime Off; 49.5 Making a Call with FaceTime; 49.6 Additional Ideas for Using FaceTime; Chapter 50: Instant Messaging with iChat; 50.1 What You'll Be Using; 50.2 Setting Up an iChat Account; 50.3 Starting iChat; 50.4 Chatting with Others in iChat; 50.5 Additional Ideas for Using iChat; Maintaining Your Mac; Chapter 51: Learning About Your Macintosh; 51.1 What You'll Be Using; 51.2 Identifying Your Operating System Version, Processor Type, and Memory; 51.3 Identifying Your Macintosh Serial Number; 51.4 Identifying Your Monitor's Resolution; 51.5 Identifying Your Hard Disk's Free Space; 51.6 Identifying Your Macintosh's Memory (RAM); 51.7 Additional Ideas; Chapter 52: Conserving Energy While Using Your Macintosh; 52.1 What You'll Be Using; 52.2 Sleepy Time; 52.3 Forcing Your Macintosh to Sleep; 52.4 Making Your Macintosh Sleep (and Start) on a Schedule; 52.5 Additional Ideas for Conserving Energy; Chapter 53: Ejecting Stuck CDs or DVDs; 53.1 What You'll Be Using; 53.2 How to Eject a CD or DVD Normally; 53.3 How to Eject a Stuck CD or DVD; 53.4 Additional Ideas for Ejecting and Preventing Stuck CDs or DVDs; Chapter 54: Password Protecting Your Macintosh; 54.1 What You'll Be Using; 54.2 Password Protecting Screensaver and Sleep Mode; 54.3 Password Protecting System Preferences; 54.4 Disabling Automatic Login; 54.5 Choosing and Changing Your Passwords; 54.6 Additional Ideas for Password Protecting Your Macintosh; Chapter 55: Encrypting Your Data and Guarding Your Privacy; 55.1 What You'll Be Using; 55.2 Encrypting Your Hard Disk; 55.3 Turning Off Location Services; 55.4 Additional Ideas for Encrypting Your Data; Chapter 56: Configuring the Firewall; 56.1 What You'll Be Using; 56.2 Turning the Firewall On (or Off); 56.3 Configuring the Firewall; 56.4 Additional Ideas for Using the Firewall; The Next Step; Colophon; Updates;

About the Author

Wallace Wang is the author of several best-selling computer books including of the Steal This Computer Book series, Steal This File Sharing Book, The Book of Nero 7, and Visual Basic 2005 Express: Now Playing (all No Starch Press). He is also a successful standup comic who has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv" and appears regularly at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas.

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