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Minerals of Britain and Ireland


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Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of maps and tables; Introduction; THE MINERALS [listed only partially because of limited space]; abhurite, abichit, abriachanite, acadialite, acanthite, acerdSse, achroite, acmite, actinolite, adamite, adelite group, adularia, aegirine, aegirine-augite, aegirite, aenigmatite, aenigmatite group, aerugite, aeschynite- (Y), afwillite; babel-quartz, babingtonite, baddeleyite, baltimorite, balvraidite, banalsite, bannisterite, baotite, barbertonite, barbosalite, baricalcite, bariopyrochlore, barite, barite group, barium-pharmacosiderite, barkevikite, baroselenite, barroisite, barstowite, baryte; cacholong, cacoxenite, cairngorm, calamine, calaverite, calcio-ancylite- (Ce), calciopalygorskite, calciostrontianite, calciovolborthite, calcite, calcite group, calcium-catapleiite, calc-spar, caledonite, calomel, campylite, cancrinite, cancrinite group; dahllite, damourite, danalite, danburite, daphnite, datholite, datolite, davidsonite, dechenite, delafossite, delessite, dellaite, demidoffite, derbyshire spar, descloizite, descloizite group, desmine, devilline, devonite, devonite, deweylite, dewindtite, diabantite; earthy cobalt, eastonite, ecandrewsite, ecdemite, edenite, edingtonite, eggletonite, ehlite, eisenkiesel, eisen-nickelkies, elaeolite, elbaite, electrum, ellonite, elpidite, elyite, embolite, emerald, emerald nickel, emery, emmonite, emplectite, enargite. fahlerz, fairfieldite, fairfieldite group, famatinite, fargite, far" elite, faserkiesel, fassaite, faujasite (series), faujasite (series), faustite, fayalite, feather-alum, feldspar group, felsobanyaite, ferberite, fergusonite- (Y), feroxyhyte, ferri-actinolite*, ferric-nyb" ite; gadolinite group, gadolinite- (Y), gahnite, galactite, galena, galenite, galenobismutite, galmei, ganophyllite, garnet group, garnierite, garronite, gartrellite, gastaldite, gaylussite, gearksutite, gedrite, geerite, gehlenite, geikielite, genkinite, genthelvite; haarkies, haema-ovoid-agate, haematite, haidingerite, halite, halloysite, halotrichite, halotrichite group, ham,, tit, hammarite, harkerite, harmotome, harringtonite, hastingsite, hatterel, hauchecornite, hauchecornite group, haughtonite, hausmannite; ice, iceland spar, idaite, iddingsite, idocrase, igelstr" mite, ikaite, ikunolite, illite (series), ilmenite, ilmenite group, ilmenorutile, ilsemannite, ilvaite, imogolite, indicolite, ndigo copper, ingersonite, ingodite, inverarite, iolite, irarsite, iridium, iridosmine; jacobsite, jade tenace, jahnsite, jalpaite, jamborite, jamesonite, jarosite, jarrowite, jaskolskiite, jasper, jasper opal, jeanbandyite, jelletite, jenaite, jenkinsite, jimthompsonite, johannite, johannsenite, johnsomervilleite, johnstonite, johnstonotite; kaersutite, kahlerite, kainosite- (Y), kakochlor, kalcglimmer, kalinite, kalk, kalkspath, kalk-uranite, kammererite, kampylite, kankite, kaolin, kaolinite, kaolinite-serpentine group, karstenite, kashinite, kasolite, katharite, katophorite, kegelite, keilhauite; labradorite, lady's slipper, laitakarite, lanarkite, langbeinite, langite, lanthanite- (Ce), lapis ollaris, larnite, larsenite, latrobite, laumontite, laurionite, laurite, lautenthalite, lavendulan, lawsonite, lazulite, lazulite group, lead, lead chlorocarbonate, lead glance; macaulayite, mackinawite, macphersonite, maghemite, magnesio-anthophyllite, agnesio-arfvedsonite, magnesiochromite, magnesiocummingtonite, magnesiofoitite, magnesiohastingsite, magnesiohornblende, magnesiokatophorite, magnesioriebeckite. nacrite, nadorite, nagyagite, nailhead spar, nakauriite, namibite, namuwite, nantokite, nasonite, natanite, natrojarosite, natrolite, natromontebrasite, natron, naumannite, necronite, needle iron ore, needlestone, nemalite, neodigenite, neotocite; oakstone, ochre, octahedrite, offretite, okenite, oligoclase, olivenite, olivine group, olsacherite, omphacite, onegite, onyx, onyx stone, oosterboschite, opacite, opal, orangite, orcelite, orpiment, orthite, ortho-antigorite, orthochamosite, orthochrysotile; palagonite, palladium, palladoarsenide, palladseite, palygorskite, pandaite, paolovite, para-alumohydrocalcite, paracelsian, parachrysotile, paracostibite, paragonite, parahilgardite, parahopeite, paralaurionite, paralstonite, paramelaconite, paranatrolite; qitianlingite, quandilite, quartz, quartzine, queitite, quenselite; radiolite, rammelsbergite, ramsbeckite, ramsdellite, rancieite, rankinite, rashleighite, raspite, ratholite, rauenthalite, realgar, rectorite, red copper, red lead, red ochre, red silver, reddle, redgillite, redondite, redruthite, reevesite, reichenbachite, reichite; sadanagaite, safflorite, sagenite, sahlite, sal-ammoniac, saleeite, salite, salmiac, salmonsite, samarskite, sanidine, saponite, sappare, sapphire, sapphirine, sarcite, sard, sardonyx, satin spar, saussurite, scapolite group, scarbroite, scawtite, schalenblende; tacharanite, tachyhydrite, talc, talcite, tallingite, talmessite, tamarite, tamarugite, tameite, tangeite, tantalite, tapiolite, tarnowitzite, tavistockite, talargpalite, tellurbismuth, tellurium, tellurobismuthite, telluropalladinite, tennantite, tenorite, tephorite; ugrandite, uigite, ullmannite, ulv" spinel, umangite, uraconite, uralite, uraninite, uranite, uranophane, uranopilite, uranospathite, uranospinite, uranthorite, urquhartite, uvarovite, uvite, uytenbogaardtite; vaesite, valentinite, valleriite, vanadinite, vandenbrandeite, vandendriesscheite, vanoxite, variolite, variscite, variscite group, varlamoffite, varvicite, vaterite, vauquelinite, veatchite, velvet ore, verbeekite, verdelite, vermiculite, vernadite, verrucite. wad, wairakite, wakefieldite- (Ce), walkerite, walpurgite, wapplerite, waringtonite, washingtonite, water spar, wavellite, waylandite, websterite, weddellite, wehrlite, weilerite, weilite, weissigite, wellsite, wernerite, wheelore, whewellite, white arsenic; xanthiosite, xanthochroite, xanthoconite, xantholite, xanthophyllite, xanthosiderite, xanthoxenite, xenotime- (Y), xonaltite, xonotlite; yarrowite, yellow arsenic, yellow copper or yellowore, yellow ochre, yttrotantalite, yugawaralite; z lesite, zaratite, zavaritskite, zeolite group, zeunerite, zeuxite, zinc, zinc blende, zinc spar, zinckenite, zinkenite, zinnkies, zinnwaldite (series), zippeite, zircon, zirconolite, zirkelite, zoisite, zunyite, zwieselite; Appendix 1 Tables; Appendix 2 Museums; Appendix 3 Abbreviations; Glossary; Bibliography.

About the Author

Andrew Tindle joined the Open University in 1976. He was awarded a PhD in 1982 for work on the Loch Doon granite complex, Scotland. He is now Senior Project Officer in the Department of Earth Sciences, where he manages the electron microprobe facility. He has published over 90 scientific papers on a wide range of subjects, including many related to mineralization in Britain and Ireland. He is also the co-author of two geo-analytical reference books.


On first examination, this is in some ways a compulsive book -- as once picked up the reader will find more and more fascinating entries and will get involved in cross-referencing to other species listed as being associated! It is large and weighty in all senses, but encourages one to dip in further. The author has clearly invested many, many hours, days, months and years in this project, which began, we are told, with his intention to compile, for his personal satisfaction, a list of all known mineral species from Britain and Ireland, spurred on later by the realization that since the publication in 1858 of Greg and Lettsom's Manual of the Mineralogy of Great Britain and Ireland, an up-to-date listing was long overdue.The mineralogical community now owes a debt of gratitude to him for the very detailed work in which the original scheme was expanded in such a way as to present this very detailed account of all the minerals in Britain and Ireland, including the offshore islands and even Rockall in the coverage. An enormous amount of effort was surely entailed in chasing up obscure references and sifting through hundreds of publications from both home and abroad which have yielded further data. The author has indeed been fortunate in obtaining willing cooperation from both amateur and professional mineralogists and mineral collectors (as well as expert mineral photographers). It is recorded that the book is 100% longer and 50% later than originally planned, but it is at last published and Andy Tindle is to be congratulated on giving us this useful and very comprehensive compendium. Source: Mineralogical Magazine An immaculate bibliography that must have taken years to research . . . The illustrations are spectacular . . . As another reviewer once said about a definitive book, 'It's a killer tome - this one can be filed under unbelievable' . . . I think it is excellent value when the quality of production and the quantity of information are considered . . . a benchmark for British mineralogy publication that may stand for a long time if not another 150 years -- I am sure that copies of this book will become highly sought-after collectors' items before long -- if you love mineralogy, hang the expense and order a copy today while you can. Source: Down to Earth magazine Colour reproduction and image quality are excellent throughout. . . I have to say the information is of an extremely high quality throughout . . . every other idea I had for an unusual or rare British mineral that might not be listed in the book was there . . .some of the sections had a huge amount of new information that I have not seen elsewhere . . . Considering the enormous scope of this project, Andy Tindle has defied the odds to deliver a masterpiece on British Mineralogy that is unlikely to be bettered for another 150 years. Everyone seriously interested in British mineralogy will be delighted with the book and should order a copy immediately! Source: MinDat [online] This, the very long awaited reference work,that is a complete coverage of the minerals and their localities in Britain and Ireland. All of us within the mineralogical community have been waiting for a great many years for such a book to be published covering the British Islands,and here it is.It certainly has been worth the long wait and what an emotional surprise it is. The book is simply one of the best topographical mineralogical books to be published in recent years. All serious collectors of minerals will need to add this important mineralogical reference work to their libraries. It includes over one thousand confirmed mineral species from the above area with a total of over 2200 minerals listed. It is also illustrated with over 550 colour and black and white images of gorgeous specimens from many private and institutional collections. The photography is stunning with a lovely balance of of both common and rare minerals. The mixture of specimen photography together with thin sections and great scanning electron images is most attractive. This is a worthy successor to that famous work Manual of the mineralogy of Britain and Ireland by Greg & Lettsom (1858) that has been used by so many collectors. Anybody that collects British minerals will require this reference for their collections with literally hundreds of localities mentioned. Six maps are included showing the distribution of the main mineralogical areas, ore fields and type localities. Also present, are tables of British type localities and their derivations as well as a section on significant museum collections holding mineralogical material. The book concludes with an extensive 50 page detailed bibliography. It will become the standard text to our rich mineralogical diversity for numerous decades to come. The author Andy Tindle, deserves all our greatest thanks for putting this massive project together and publishing it. Personally it is very satisfying to see 14 images from my own mineral collection incorporated within this fantastic book. The book should sell very well and you should treat yourself to a copy. Source: Rock 'n' Gem magazine

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