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Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents A. General Methods Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: Thomas A. Fleisher 1. Introduction, Thomas A. Fleisher 2. Introduction to Protein Analysis, Glen L. Hortin and Alan T. Remaley 3. Protein Analysis for Diagnostic Applications, Alan T. Remaley and Glen L. Hortin 4. Genomics and Chip Technology, Stephen J. Chanock 5. Molecular Methods, Raymond P. Podzorski B. Immunoglobulin Methods Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: David F. Keren 6. Introduction, David F. Keren 7. Immunoglobulin Genes, Thomas J. Kipps 8. Immunoglobulin Quantification and Viscosity Measurement, Jeffrey S. Warren 9. Clinical Indications and Applications of Serum and Urine Protein Electrophoresis, David F. Keren and Richard L. Humphrey 10. Immunochemical Characterization of Immunoglobulins in Serum, Urine, and Cerebrospinal Fluid, Jerry A. Katzmann and Robert A. Kyle 11. Cryoglobulins, Cryofibrinogenemia, and Pyroglobulins, Peter D. Gorevic and Dennis Galanakis C. Complement Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: Patricia C. Giclas 12. Evaluation of Complement Activation and Its Clinical Relevance, Patricia C. Giclas 13. Molecular and Clinical Evaluation of Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, Lisa Strain, Judith A. Goodship, and Timothy H. J. Goodship 14. An Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay-Based Method for Functional Analysis of the Classical, Alternative, and MBL Pathways of the Complement System, M. A. Seelen, A. Roos, J. Wieslander, and M. R. Daha 15. Evaluation of the Mannan-Binding Lectin Pathway of Complement Activation, Mihaela Gadjeva and Steffen Thiel 16. Complement in Transplant Rejection, William M. Baldwin, III D. Flow Cytometry Volume Editor: Barbara Detrick Section Editor: Maurice R. G. O!-Gorman 17. Introduction, Maurice R. G. O!-Gorman 18. Flow Cytometry-Based Immunophenotyping Method and Applications, Lance Hultin and Patricia Hultin 19. Nontraditional Clinical Applications: Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Testing, Fetal Red Cell Testing, T-Cell Receptor V|A Analysis, and Platelet Analysis by Flow Cytometry, Jiachun X. Kung and Eric D. Hsi 20. Immunophenotyping of Leukemia and Lymphoma by Flow Cytometry, Brent Lee Wood 21. Standardized Flow Cytometry Assays for Enumerating Hematopoietic Stem Cells, D. Robert Sutherland, Ian Chin-Yee, Michael Keeney, and Jan Gratama 22. Phenotypic Correlates of Genetic Abnormalities in Acute and Chronic Leukemias, Elisabeth Paietta 23. Multimeric MHC Reagents for the Detection and Quantitation of Specific T-Cell Populations, John Altman 24. In Situ Gene Amplification and Hybridization Assays: Disease Monitoring Applications Using Flow Cytometry, Bruce K. Patterson E. Functional Cellular Assays Volume Editor: Barbara Detrick Section Editor: Steven D. Douglas 25. Introduction, Steven D. Douglas 26. Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity Skin Testing, Theron McCormick and William T. Shearer 27. Cryopreservation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, Adriana Weinberg 28. Methods for Detection of Antigen-Specific T Cells by Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Assay (ELISPOT), Barbara L. Shacklett and Douglas F. Nixon 29. Evaluation of the T-Cell Receptor Repertoire, Savita Pahwa 30. Molecular Diagnosis of Chronic Granulomatous Disease, Paul G. Heyworth and John T. Curnutte 31. Clinical Evaluation of Myeloid and Monocytic Cell Functions, Maurice R. G. O!-Gorman 32. Flow Cytometric Detection and Quantification of Apoptotic Cells, Thomas W. McCloskey, Barbara N. Phenix, and Savita Pahwa 33. Quantification of Recent Thymic Emigrants: T-Cell-Receptor Excision Circles, Paul Krogstad 34. Measurement of NK-Cell Activity in Humans, Theresa L. Whiteside 35. Cellular Immune Assays for Evaluation of Vaccine Efficacy, Josephine H. Cox, Mark deSouza, Silvia Ratto-Kim, Guido Ferrari, Kent J. Weinhold, and Deborah L. Birx 36. T-Lymphocyte Activation and Cell Signaling, Jeffrey R. Currier 37. Functional Assays for B Cells and Antibodies, Moon H. Nahm and Robin G. Lorenz F. Cytokines and Chemokines Volume Editor: Barbara Detrick Section Editor: John J. Hooks 38. Introduction, John J. Hooks 39. Multiplex Cytokine Assays, Daniel G. Remick 40. Monitoring of Immune Response Using Cytokine Flow Cytometry, Smita S. Ghanekar, Holden T. Maecker, and Vernon C. Maino 41. Molecular Analysis of Cytokines and Cytokine Receptors, Niels Kruse and Peter Rieckmann 42. Chemokine and Chemokine Receptor Analysis, Benjamin D. Medoff and Andrew D. Luster 43. Laboratory Monitoring of Cytokine Therapy, Andrew R. Pachner G. Immunohistology and Immunopathology Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: Russell H. Tomar 44. Introduction, Russell H. Tomar 45. Immunohistochemistry: Principles and Advances, Patrick C. Roche, Eric D. Hsi, and Bourke L. Firfir 46. Use of Molecular Biology Methods on Tissues, Suman Setty, Chung-Che (Jeff) Chang, and Andr| A. Kajdacsy-Balla 47. Immunohistochemistry: Diagnostic and Prognostic Applications, Vinod B. Shidham and Andr| Kajdacsy-Balla 48. Immunofluorescence Methods in the Diagnosis of Renal and Skin Diseases, A. Bernard Collins, Robert B. Colvin, Carolos H. Nousari, and Grant J. Anhalt H. Infectious Diseases Caused by Bacteria, Mycoplasmas, Chlamydiae, and Rickettsiae Volume Editor: James D. Folds Section Editor: Harry E. Prince 49. Introduction, Harry E. Prince 50. Diagnostic Methods for Group A Streptococcal Infections, Anita Shet and Edward Kaplan 51. Immune Responses to Polysaccharide and Conjugate Vaccines, Carl E. Frasch 52. Corynebacterium diphtheriae and Clostridium tetani: Immune Response and Diagnostic Methods, Martha L. Lepow and Patricia A. Hughes 53. Immunologic Methods for Diagnosis of Infections Caused by Diarrheagenic Enterobacteriaceae and Vibrionaceae, Marcela F. Pasetti, James P. Nataro, and Myron M. Levine 54. Serologic and Molecular Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori Infection and Eradication, Bruce E. Dunn and Suhas H. Phadnis 55. Detection of Antibodies to Legionella, Paul H. Edelstein 56. Immunologic Methods for Diagnosis of Spirochetal Diseases, Victoria Pope, Mary D. Ari, Martin E. Schriefer, and Paul N. Levett 57. Lyme Disease: Serologic Assays for Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi, Barbara J. B. Johnson 58. Immunological Tests in Tuberculosis and Leprosy, Graham H. Bothamley 59. Mycoplasma: Immunologic and Molecular Diagnostic Methods, Ken B. Waites, Mary B. Brown, and Jerry W. Simecka 60. Chlamydial Infections, Lee Ann Campbell, Cho-chou Kuo, and Charlotte A. Gaydos 61. The Rickettsiaceae, Anaplasmataceae, Bartonellaceae, and Coxiellaceae, Karim E. Hechemy, Yasuko Rikihisa, Kevin R. Macaluso, Andrew W. O. Burgess, Burt E. Anderson, and Herbert A. Thompson 62. Serologic and Molecular Tools for Diagnosing Bordetella pertussis Infection, Scott A. Halperin 63. Bacillus anthracis Detection and Anthrax Diagnosis, Alex R. Hoffmaster and Tanja Popovic I. Mycotic and Parasitic Diseases Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: Thomas B. Nutman 64. Introduction, Thomas B. Nutman 65. Molecular and Immunological Approaches to the Diagnosis of Parasitic Infection, Marianna Wilson, Peter M. Schantz, and Thomas Nutman 66. Serological and Molecular Diagnosis of Fungal Infections, Mark D. Lindsley, David W. Warnock, and Christine J. Morrison J. Viral Diseases Volume Editor: James D. Folds Section Editor: Steven C. Specter 67. Introduction, Steven C. Specter 68. Rapid Viral Diagnosis, Marie Louise Landry 69. Enhanced Detection of Viruses in Cell Cultures, Thomas F. Smith 70. Herpes Simplex Virus, D. Scott Schmid 71. Varicella-Zoster Virus, D. Scott Schmid and Vladimir Loparev 72. Epstein-Barr Virus, Hal B. Jenson 73. Cytomegalovirus, Kirsten St. George, Aki Hoji, and Charles R. Rinaldo, Jr. 74. Human Herpesviruses, 6, 7, and 8, Richard L. Hodinka 75. Papillomaviruses and Polyomaviruses, Keerti V. Shah and Eugene O. Major 76. Adenoviruses, Leta K. Crawford-Miksza 77. Parvovirus B19, Stanley J. Naides 78. Influenza Viruses, Jacqueline M. Katz, Alexander I. Klimov, Stephen E. Lindstrom, and Nancy J. Cox 79. Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Human Metapneumovirus, and the Parainfluenza Viruses, Pedro A. Piedra and Guy Boivin 80. Measles and Mumps, Diane S. Leland 81. Rubella Virus, James B. Mahony 82. Enteroviruses, David Schnurr 83. Viral Hepatitis, Mauro Bendinelli, Mauro Pistello, Giulia Freer, Marialinda Vatteroni, and Fabrizio Maggi 84. Rotaviruses and Noroviruses, Ningguo Feng and Suzanne M. Matsui 85. Arboviruses, Robert S. Lanciotti and John T. Roehrig 86. Hantavirus Infections, Brian Hjelle and Stephen A. Young 87. Filioviruses and Arenaviruses, James E. Strong, Allen Grolla, Peter B. Jahrling, and Heinz Feldmann 88. Rabies Virus, D. Craig Hooper 89. Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Types 1 and 2, Susan B. Nyland, Thomas P. Loughran, and Kenneth E. Ugen 90. Coronavirus Including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), James B. Mahony and Chengsheng Zhang 91. Poxviruses, Kevin L. Karem and Inger K. Damon 92. Prion Diagnostics, Stephen Dealler K. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Volume Editor: Barbara Detrick Section Editor: Michael W. Baseler 93. Introduction, Michael W. Baseler 94. Principles and Procedures of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Serodiagnosis, Robin Dewar, Helene Highbarger, Richard Davey, and Julia Metcalf 95. General Immunologic Evaluation of Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Randy A. Stevens, Richard A. Lempicki, Ven Natarajan, Jeanette Higgins, Joseph W. Adelsberger, and Julia A. Metcalf 96. Quantitation of Viremia and Determination of Drug Resistance in Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Tarek Elbeik, Helene Highbarger, Robin Dewar, Ven Natarajan, Hiromi Imamichi, and Tomozumi Imamichi 97. Measurement of T-Cell-Specific Immunity in Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Richard L. Hengel, Tomozumi Imamichi, and Stephen A. Migueles L. Immunodeficiency Diseases Volume Editor: Barbara Detrick Section Editor: Howard M. Lederman 98. The Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases, Howard M. Lederman 99. Approach to the Diagnosis of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, Chaim Roifman 100. Investigation of Signal Transduction Defects, Melissa E. Elder 101. Primary Antibody Deficiency Diseases, Mary Ellen Conley 102. Hereditary and Acquired Complement Deficiencies, Patricia Giclas 103. Neutropenia and Neutrophil Defects, Steven M. Holland M. Allergic Diseases Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: Sarbjit Saini 104. Introduction, Sarbjit Saini 105. Quantification and Standardization of Allergens, Nicolette C. deVore and Jay E. Slater 106. In Vivo Diagnostic Allergy Testing, Derek A. Damin and R. Stokes Peebles, Jr. 107. Immunological Methods in the Diagnostic Allergy Clinical and Research Laboratory, Robert G. Hamilton 108. Assay Methods for Measurement of Mediators and Markers of Allergic Inflammation, John T. Schroeder and Sarbjit Saini 109. Tests for Immunologic Reactions to Foods, David M. Fleischer and Robert A. Wood 110. Diagnosis of Hypereosinophilic Syndromes, Amy D. Klion N. Systemic Autoimmune Diseases Volume Editor: James D. Folds Section Editor: Westley H. Reeves 111. Introduction, Westley H. Reeves 112. Immunofluorescent Antinuclear Antibody Tests, Arthur R. Bradwell, Richard G. Hughes, and Abid R. Karim 113. Detection of Autoantibodies against Proteins and Ribonucleoproteins by Double Immunodiffusion and Immunoprecipitation, Westley H. Reeves, Minoru Satoh, Robert Lyons, Cody Nichols, and Sonali Narain 114. Detection of Autoantibodies by Using Immobilized Natural and Recombinant Autoantigens, Edward K. L. Chan, Rufus W. Burlingame, and Marvin J. Fritzler 115. Detection of Anti-DNA Autoantibodies, Trinh T. Tran and David S. Pisetsky 116. Autoantibody Testing in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sonali Narain, Meghavi Kosboth, and Paulette Hahn 117. Tests for Antiphospholipid Autoantibodies, John L. Schmitz 118. Antineutrophil Cytoplasm Antibodies (ANCAs) and Strategy for Diagnosing ANCA-Associated Vasculitides, Allan Wiik O. Organ-Localized Autoimmune Diseases Volume Editor: James D. Folds Section Editor: C. Lynne Burek 119. Introduction, C. Lynne Burek 120. Endocrinopathies: Autoantibodies in Chronic Thyroiditis, Addison!-s Disease, and Pernicious Anemia, C. L. Burek, P. E. Bigazzi, N. R. Rose, M. Zakarija, J. M. McKenzie, L. Yu, J. Wang, and G. S. Eisenbarth 121. Autoantibodies to Glycolipids in Peripheral Neuropathy, Hugh J. Willison 122. Detection of Antimitochondrial Autoantibodies in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and Liver Kidney Microsomal Antibodies in Autoimmune Hepatitis, Patrick S. C. Leung, Michael P. Manns, Ross L. Coppel, and M. Eric Gershwin 123. Skin Disease, Carlos H. Nousari and Grant J. Anhalt 124. Cardiovascular Diseases, J. Bruce Sundstrom, C. Lynne Burek, Noel R. Rose, and Aftab A. Ansari 125. Kidney and Lung Disease Mediated by Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibodies: Detection by Western Blot Analysis, A. Bernard Collins and Robert B. Colvin 126. Autoimmunity of Testis, Ovary, and Spermatozoa, Richard A. Bronson, Julia Luborsky, and Kenneth S. K. Tung 127. Immunologic Testing for Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, James A. Goeken 128. Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia, Thomas S. Kickler 129. Monitoring Autoimmune Reactivity within the Retina, John J. Hooks, Marian S. Chin, Chi-Chao Chan, and Barbara Detrick P. Cancer Volume Editor: Robert G. Hamilton Section Editor: Mark Raffeld 130. Introduction, Mark Raffeld 131. Immunologic Approaches to Tumor Markers: Assays, Applications, and Discovery, Alex J. Rai and Daniel W. Chan 132. Malignancies of the Immune System: Use of Immunologic and Molecular Tumor Markers in Classification and Diagnosis, Mark Raffeld and Elaine S. Jaffe 133. Monitoring of Immunologic Therapies, Theresa L. Whiteside 134. The Future of Cancer Diagnostics: Proteomics, Immunoproteomics, and Beyond, Mary E. Winters, Mark Lowenthal, Andrew L. Feldman, and Lance A. Liotta Q. Transplantation Immunology Volume Editor: Barbara Detrick Section Editor: Mary S. Leffell 135. Histocompatibility Testing after Fifty Years of Transplantation, Mary S. Leffell 136. Molecular Methods: HLA Alleles, Carolyn Katovich Hurley, Kai Cao, Ting Tang, Noriko Steiner, Ana M. Lazaro, C. Alan Howard, and Jennifer Ng 137. Evaluation of the Humoral Response in Transplantation, Andrea A. Zachary, Julie A. Graziani, Renato Vega, Kevin Chesterton, and Donna P. Lucas 138. Evaluation of the Cellular Immune Response in Transplantation, Nancy L. Reinsmoen and Adriana Zeevi 139. Molecular Characterization of Rejection in Solid Organ Transplantation, Choli Hartono, Darshana Dadhania, and Manikkam Suthanthiran 140. Human Natural Killer Cell Receptors, Dolly B. Tyan and Mary Carrington 141. Assessment of Engraftment and Chimerism in Stem Cell Transplantation, Lee Ann Baxter-Lowe R. Laboratory Management Volume Editor: James D. Folds Section Editor: Ronald J. Harbeck 142. Clinical Immunology Laboratory Accreditation, Licensure, and Credentials, Linda Cook and Ronald J. Harbeck

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